Bird stitch markers for knitters singles, Aviary singles, progress keepers

Introducing our collection of individually designed enamel bird stitch markers/progress keepers featuring four captivating avian species: the Magpie, Goldfinch, Cordon Bleu Finch, and Duck. These exquisite markers are lovingly designed and meticulously crafted to add a touch of beauty and functionality to your knitting or crocheting projects.

Design Options on 10 mm round or removable claw:
Magpie, Goldfinch, Cordon Bleu Finch, and Duck (Each sold separately)

Bird Designs:
Magpie: Embrace the elegance and mystery of the Magpie with its glossy black feathers and flashes of iridescent blue. Its intelligence and playful nature will bring joy to your crafting endeavours.
Goldfinch: Add a burst of sunshine to your projects with the Goldfinch marker. Its vibrant yellow plumage, complemented by contrasting black and white, symbolizes joy and good fortune.
Cordon Bleu Finch: Discover tranquillity and grace with the Cordon Bleu Finch marker. Its captivating blue coloration and delicate size will lend an air of serenity to your knitting or crocheting journey.
Duck: Embrace whimsy and resilience with the Duck marker. This adorable duckling silhouette represents adaptability and reminds us to stay afloat in the face of challenges.

Features and Benefits:
Versatile: Suitable for various needle sizes and yarn weights, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of knitting and crochet projects.
Secure and Reliable: The sturdy metal clasps provide a reliable hold, preventing accidental stitch slippage or unravelling.
Delicate and Eye-catching: The enamel bird charms add a touch of elegance and visual appeal to your creations, making them as beautiful as they are functional.
Personalization: Choose your favourite bird design or mix and match to create a unique set that reflects your style and preferences.
Gift-Worthy: These charming bird markers make delightful gifts for knitting and crochet enthusiasts, bird lovers, or anyone who appreciates intricate and charming accessories.
Elevate your crafting experience with our enchanting Enamel Bird Stitch markers!
Designed and assembled in Steveston BC.

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